The Enthum Foundation

Our site is being redesigned to reflect the charity’s new focus—setting up a project to support unaccompanied asylum seeking minors—please see brief details below.

Enthum House Project will be a residential unit in East Sussex offering a unique combination of much needed supported accommodation, therapeutic, legal and vocational services to a small group of unaccompanied asylum seeking minors aged 16+.

The aim is to build on the resilience of these young people, to inspire and empower them to integrate into a new culture and society whilst providing a safe space to work through their traumas and experiences of loss. The emphasis will be to help restore and realise their individual potential within their local community and UK society.

The project will work in consultation and partnership with a wide range of charities, community groups, and local government agencies.

For more information, please see or download this summary Enthum House Project (pdf) or contact:

Lilian Simonsson or
Jo McDonald

Photo taken at Calais “Jungle” October 2016