Enthum House’s mission is to create a safe and stable ‘home’ environment where the young people’s basic needs for regenerative sleep, balanced healthy nutrition and acquisition of life skills are met within a wholesome and responsive community committed to reciprocal learning and creative expression. Appropriate safeguarding measures take into account the young people’s vulnerabilities around exploitation, trafficking and asylum seeking. A clear philosophy of care and coherent leadership ensures that the home management’s actions are congruent with staff and clients at all times, taking the young people’s wishes and changing needs into account. Residential staff’s personal integrity, accountability and non-violent communication, as well as the layout of the premises including communal and private space, are at the core of being able to hold and contain the levels of trauma of the client group. Our 24/7 staff team includes a Residential Manager, Therapeutic Support Workers, Waking Night Staff as well as a rota of therapists, teachers, doctors, youth workers and one-to-one mentors from A Band Of Brothers.

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