Enthum House’s mission is to create a safe, stable and sustainable home environment where the basic needs for regenerative sleep, balanced healthy nutrition and acquisition of life skills are met within a wholesome and responsive community committed to reciprocal learning and creative expression. A clear philosophy of care and coherent leadership will ensure that the home management’s actions are congruent with staff and young people at all times. Dialogue, accountability, respectful communication and personal integrity, as well as the layout of the premises/space, are at the core of being able to hold and contain the levels of trauma of the client group. There will be at least one to two adult staff on the premises at any time and a rota to ensure that ‘handover times’ are used efficiently for briefing on individual’s needs and community incidents. The residence is decorated beautifully, comfortably and provide good quality domestic facilities for those living on the premises. Modifications will be considered to cater for any potential disabilities for young people and staff.

  • Cooking skills and eating together are an important part of the therapeutic integration programme and are nurtured and encouraged.
  •  Communal areas include a living room equipped with TV, WiFi, sound system and a piano that is big enough for group meetings as well as a room for the young people to meet professionals like therapists, tutors and social workers one-to-one.
  • Comfortable bedrooms for young people and night staff, each with a desk and storage facilities are provided. The young people are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms however they want to.
  • Shared shower rooms, a family-style bathroom and washing facilities are accessible to all residents in the home. Self-care is supported and nurtured.
  • Mod cons like dishwasher, washing machine, fridge/freezer etc. and a rota for weekly chores for each resident to partake in to keep the house clean and running and help community building.
  • In addition it will be possible to socialize in the garden area, which has seating, BBQ facilities, a basketball hoop and offers a space to play football. Gardening, permaculture (organic vegetable/herb cultivation) and bike repair workshops will be part of Enthum House’s integration programme that the young people are encouraged to participate in if they are interested.
  • House rules, policies on bullying, safeguarding, online-risks, counter-terrorism and trafficking prevention strategies will be implemented and upheld by residential staff and all visitors to Enthum House. It will be ensured that young people know whom to contact outside of Enthum House if they feel unable to disclose sensitive information and concerns to someone within.

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