Our ‘home from home’ was inspired by the founders’ volunteering, campaigning and fundraising work for unaccompanied minors during 2015 – 2016 in the Calais Jungle, Northern France’s unofficial refugee camp.  They became aware of the lack of residential provisions and necessary person-centred support for young people who were lucky enough to make it to safety in the UK and were both determined to change this. Young unaccompanied men especially, aged 16-18 years old, are among a very high proportion of asylum seekers. They are not yet adults and have very high needs, after surviving their dangerous journeys and integrating into an unknown culture.

We provide a safe and sustainable home to unaccompanied asylum seeking children aged 16-18. We strive to be a responsive and wholesome residential community committed to reciprocal learning.

Our mission is to offer young people person-centred support and positive challenges through our programmes. Activities include creative workshops, mentoring, sports, English language tutoring and a variety of therapies according to needs, talents and interests.

Our aim is to empower each young person by building on their resilience and the reconciliation of their trauma. We encourage and facilitate independence, self-reliance and integration into local communities and UK society as a whole.

We offer a comprehensive trauma-informed legal network to support individual asylum claims. This ensures that each young person’s best interests and future choices are upheld and protected.

We encourage relationship building and the bridging of cultural barriers. Our diverse and experienced staff team is on duty 24/7 and works to place young people into local schools as soon as possible whilst inspiring the participation in academic and vocational opportunities and local community initiatives.

Our vision is to create a model that can be replicated in communities throughout the UK and beyond.


Enthum House is in Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Referrals can be made at short notice.
We offer long, medium and short-term placements.

To make placement, please email or call:

 [email protected]
01323 700503 or 07739 415185

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