Placements can be made to us via any UK local authority. Each referral will be assessed by our own admission panel; Enthum House Manager, Clinical Psychologist, a member of the Enthum Foundation senior management team and if necessary a translator. This will take place in conjunction with the placing authority ensuring that we can meet the needs of the young person and consider any risks posed to both that individual and that of those already living or working in Enthum House.

We will respond to all emails and phone messages within the hour and can usually make a decision on the same day, however this process will usually involve meeting the young person and decisions may take between 24-72 hours.

The young people referred to us must be deemed to be 16+. We recognise that many young asylum seekers may arrive with little or no information and in this instance, expect the placing social worker to make the initial judgment as to the likely age, history and needs of the young person.

Should you wish to visit Enthum House, either with a young person or as a professional, then do get in touch –

[email protected]

01323 700 503

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