Lilian Simonsson  Co-CEO, Director of Development, Communication and Partnerships
Lilian has worked as a filmmaker throughout Europe for the last 15 years for clients including the Tate, Sunday Times and BBC. Since 2015 she has been volunteering in the Calais Jungle supporting the Women and Children Centre run by Liz Clegg and producing campaign films for Safe Passage and Lord Alf Dubs, raising public awareness and lobbying for the plight of unaccompanied refugee children in the UK. She co-founded Lewes Actions for Refugees and the Lewes Area Welcomes Refugees group. Lilian co-founded Enthum House and is responsible for communication, partnerships and the coordination of its therapeutic integration programme.

Jo McDonald Co-CEO, Director of Resources and Strategy
With a social anthropology, arts and teaching background Jo has become passionate about the plight of refugees. She co-founded the Enthum House project after being involved in humanitarian activities for a number of years, including volunteering work in the Calais Jungle during 2015-16 and fundraising to help the construction of the Refugee Youth Service. Jo is responsible for Human Resources, strategic development and the Enthum Foundation’s fundraising.

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